Hello World!

This is my first ever blog post and as per tradition I’ve named it “Hello World!”. I’ve been quite reluctant to start my own blog for some time now. Compared to my peers this blog comes quite late in my life with computers and software. But as the phrase goes, better late than never. It was not until I realized how valuable it can be to share information regarding the work I do with my fellow developers. In this blog for now I hope to share only technical content with respect to the work I do and software engineering in general. Currently my development work in the firm I work for is primarily focused towards the security space of middleware. So you can expect most of my posts to be related to middleware security. But who knows.. I might catch you by surprise with a fun one. Needless to say this blog could be boring for readers from a non IT background. As for the IT folks I will make sure that my posts are short, precise and useful.

Hasta la vista!